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“Confirmation (CONFIRM;19) at Waverly First United Methodist Church will begin Sunday, January 6, 2019. Our first meeting will be a pizza party/organizing meeting that will include potential confirmands (students), parents/family, and mentors. The class will be held approximately 18 weeks with Confirmation Sunday happening after Easter.

This class is open to anyone in the sixth grade or older. This particular class is for those who have not yet completed a United Methodist confirmation class. If you know anyone who might like to be a part of this confirmation class, please call the church office or pastor Mark.

Bishop Beard Issues Challenge to IGRC Churches!!

Bishop Beard has issued a challenge to IGRC congregations to grow their mission outreach:

Our commitment to generosity is one of the strengths of our denomination.

Allow me to issue a challenge to each of the IGRC churches: I invite you to host a special Sunday between now and the end of the year dedicated to helping community ministries. You pick the Sunday, you choose the project, you collect and distribute what is gathered. 

Some of you will want to collect can goods to help stock a food pantry, some will want to collect blankets to be used by first responders, some will choose to collect back packs, and others will want to gather items that can be used to comfort someone that is grieving or sick. Of course, you can always bring items and funds for the OCOK campaign. The list of possibilities is endless.

My suggestion is to advertise what you are doing, set a realistic goal, invite folks to bring their items to worship, bless and consecrate the items on the altar and then distribute them to the places that have been selected.

I look forward to hearing that your church took the challenge. If you need ideas just call the Midwest Distribution Center. There are many ways to let folks know that we care.

Generosity is contagious, let’s start an epidemic!

Confirmation Class Wish List!

Plans for “CONFIRM19”, the Confirmation Class that will start the first week of January are being finalized and some needs have popped up. Materials (Bible & study guides) for each student will cost around $55. If you would like to sponsor a student that would help defray the cost per family. The room that will be used needs a TV screen (32” or larger) and DVD player. If you have a used TV and/or DVD player or can donate toward purchasing a new on please call the church office or pastor Mark. Other needs may arise as we plan field trips and a retreat. Thank you for you generosity.