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The slides above are activities from our 100th anniversary of our building celebration.

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Bishop Beard to host meetings on 2019 General Conference

Bishop Frank J. Beard has announced he will host meetings throughout the Illinois Great Rivers Conference discussing the three plans which have been offered as plans for A Way Forward with regard to the issues of human sexuality and unity.

The following dates have been confirmed:

  • Monday, Nov. 12 — Jacksonville Grace UMC, 4 to 6 p.m.
  • Thursday, Nov. 15 — Marion First UMC, 7 to 9 p.m.
  • Saturday, Nov. 17 — Chatsworth UMC, 10 a.m. to noon
  • Sunday, Nov. 18 — Peoria First UMC, 4 to 6 p.m.
  • Monday, Nov. 19 — Arthur UMC, 6 to 8 p.m.
  • Tuesday, Nov. 20 — Rock Island Two Rivers UMC, 6:30 to 8:30 p.m.

Bishop Beard is asking that you register in advance as a courtesy to our venue host. We are wanting to have adequate seating for those wanting to attend.  If you would like to register for one of the meetings and need assistance, Darla would be glad to assist you in the church office.

Pastor’s Bible Study!!

A Bible study based upon the Adam Hamilton book: “Making Sense of the Bible: Rediscovering the Power of Scripture Today.”  We will not have the Bible Study on Friday, November 9 due to a Veterans event at the Waverly Schools. The next meeting of the Adam Hamilton Bible Study will be on Friday, November 16, at 9:00 a.m.

Come as you are and we will meet in the nursery so children are welcome.  As always all points of view are welcome (as long as participants are civil, respectful, & not disruptive) and you will never be told that you are wrong.

Please join us any Friday. Everyone is welcome and all points of view are welcome!

If you would like more information call Pastor Mark at 720-5464 or just stop by!

Join us for this engaging Bible study every Friday at 9:00 a.m. The study is meeting in the nursery and parents are invited to bring small children.

Hurricane Assistance Information!!

As many storms threaten different areas around the world, including the two hurricanes along the gulf and the eastern coast of the United States and super typhoon Mangkhut near the Philippines and mainland China, please join us in prayer for those that will be impacted in the days and weeks ahead. As we continue to assess the potential impact, we will share the ways in which you can help.

UMCOR and its partners have deployed Early Response Teams and supplies for communities affected here in the United States.

UMCOR International Disaster Response is closely monitoring communications from our partners in the Philippines and will provide updates as they relay information to us.

Hurricane Florence and assistance to the Carolinas will be funded through UMCOR’s U.S. Disaster Response No. 901670. For offerings for disaster assistance outside the United States, use UMCOR’s International Disaster Response No. 982450.

Ways in which you can help:

GIVE toward the efforts of UMCOR and its partners. Donate to U.S. disaster response, international disaster response, or to the UMCOR undesignated fund on the mobile giving platform or in the Sunday offering. Please designate the fund to which you are giving.

Bishop Beard Issues Challenge to IGRC Churches!!

Bishop Beard has issued a challenge to IGRC congregations to grow their mission outreach:

Our commitment to generosity is one of the strengths of our denomination.

Allow me to issue a challenge to each of the IGRC churches: I invite you to host a special Sunday between now and the end of the year dedicated to helping community ministries. You pick the Sunday, you choose the project, you collect and distribute what is gathered. 

Some of you will want to collect can goods to help stock a food pantry, some will want to collect blankets to be used by first responders, some will choose to collect back packs, and others will want to gather items that can be used to comfort someone that is grieving or sick. Of course, you can always bring items and funds for the OCOK campaign. The list of possibilities is endless.

My suggestion is to advertise what you are doing, set a realistic goal, invite folks to bring their items to worship, bless and consecrate the items on the altar and then distribute them to the places that have been selected.

I look forward to hearing that your church took the challenge. If you need ideas just call the Midwest Distribution Center. There are many ways to let folks know that we care.

Generosity is contagious, let’s start an epidemic!

Do One Thing!

Do 1 Thing seeks to ensure that everyone has access to information about risk and vulnerability, allowing them to make informed decisions; and access to resources that can help them become better disaster decision makers.

The goal of Do1Thing for this month (November) is:  Remember important items that may be overlooked when leaving your home in a disaster.

Any emergency is easier to handle when you have prepared ahead of time. Put together an emergency kit with important items to keep at home, and a go bag with items you will need to take with you if you evacuate. Think about what you and your family would need in a disaster. You can make kits for your home, car or workplace. Emergencies can happen anywhere.

The 1 things to choose from are:

 – Gather your emergency supplies in an accessible place.

Have a go bag ready if you have to shelter in place or evacuate your home. Your go bag can be part of your emergency kit, just make sure it is in a bag or easy to carry container and that it is easy to get to.


  • Battery powered radio and extra batteries
  • Flashlight with extra batteries
  • Lightweight blankets
  • Emergency information, including insurance policies
  • A list of medications and correct dosage, and doctor’s names
  • Personal items such as toothbrushes, soap, extra glasses, etc.
  • First aid kit
  • Whistle
  • Change of clothing
  • Nonperishable snacks
  • Books, cards or magazines to pass the time

 – Create an emergency supply kit for your pet, your car, and your workplace or school.

Disasters can strike when you are away from home. If your office or school does not have an emergency kit, offer to help make one.

Make or buy an emergency kit for your car. If you travel with your pet regularly, make sure that you have an emergency kit for them as well. Some items to think about for your car kit are: a small first aid kit, flashlight or light sticks, flares or reflective cones, a blanket, cell phone charger, jumper cables, bottled water, nonperishable snacks, and a “help” flag or brightly colored cloth that can be tied to the antenna.

 – Stash some cash in case ATMs and credit card machines are not usable in a disaster.

Many things that we take for granted are not available when there is no power. ATM machines may not work. Grocery stores and other businesses may not be able to accept your credit or debit card. Cash could be the only acceptable means to make a purchase. Some experts say you should have at minimum $150.00 in cash stashed away. Realizing this may not be possible for everyone, any amount is good to start with. Take $1.00 dollar a week and place it in an envelope in your emergency kit. In just a little time, you will have some cash stashed away for use in emergencies.

More information is available at the church or at http://do1thing.com

Stay tuned for more information about these activities that will help us as individuals and families, as well as our congregation and the Waverly community.

“12 months, 12 things – Small Steps Toward Being Prepared for an Emergency”