May Musings

We choose what we believe. In “Creed: What Christians believe and why” (Abingdon Press, 2016), Adam Hamilton offers this invitation for those of us who have chosen to believe: “ . . . I invite you to long for a deeper love of God and neighbor, to trust God with your live, to seek to follow Jesus more fully than ever, and to invite the Holy Spirit to daily fill you and to work in and through you. And I encourage you, if you don’t have one already to find a church where you can get involved, grow in your faith, and join others in serving.” (p. 167)

For those who have not chosen to believe Hamilton offers this: “. . . I invite you to believe – to trust . . . You don’t need to have it all figured out. You can have your doubts; . . . But you can still make the decision that you believe – you trust that God exists, that God came to us in Jesus, and that, by means of the Holy Spirit, God is as close as the air you breathe. I invite you to begin to pray and speak to God – Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. And I invite you to read the Bible, . . . Finally I invite you to find a church – one that will help you grow in your faith, and whose members will act with love and grace and will welcome you.” (p. 166)

I pray that the First United Methodist Church of Waverly can be that church that Rev. Hamilton speaks of. One that acts with love and grace and will welcome all who seek a closer relationship to God through the Risen Christ. Let’s make that our prayer.

Keep praying.

Grace & Peace,

Pastor Mark

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