Christ Has Risen!

Arguably the most important event in the New Testament is the resurrection of Jesus. The resurrection serves as a seal of what Jesus accomplished on the cross, presents Christ as victor over death, and inaugurates more than any other event in Jesus’ life the Reign of God. Many writers of the New Testament write with passion about Jesus’ resurrection.

I can, however no more prove (or disprove) the Resurrection than I can prove much of what I believe about this world and my life. But what I have found over the course of my short life is this: The same Jesus who appears to the chosen few after the Resurrection makes himself known to me time and time again in ways, which I cannot prove, but are as real to me as any of you. It makes no sense on any sort of provable level – but it makes plenty of sense in my gut and in my heart. I will embrace the reality of those experiences as holy mystery.

Easter & the Resurrection is about finding one’s breath when the world around us feels like the deep vacuum of outer space. It’s about finding wholeness after a great loss; about finding truth in face of the world’s lies; courage in the midst of fear; hope in the midst of despair; justice where there has been only oppression – it’s about finding life where there has only been death.

The wonder and power of Easter is in Christ’s risen presence in our hearts, in our lives, in our actions – in the way we live and move and have our being in the world and life – and even in the midst of my most serious doubts that wholeness and life around us. The Risen Christ comes among us offering the gift of peace – of wholeness sustains me. The Risen Christ comes among us and offers a wholeness that calls upon us to be a transformed people called to transform the world.

Let us pray that God will “fill our hearts with love and our minds with creative thoughts as we seek new ways of reaching out to those in our community who need the presence of Your Love in their lives”. And let us pray for the transformation of our church as well as the world.

Keep praying and have confidence that as long as there is God there will always be hope. And there will always be God.

Grace, Peace, Love, & Hope,

Pastor Mark

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