Let God Fight Our Battles

“Pay attention, all of Judah, every inhabitant of Jerusalem…This is what the Lord says to you: Don’t be afraid or discouraged… because the battle isn’t yours. It belongs to God!

~2 Chronicles 20:15

When we’re in a battle, sometimes it can appear like God is nowhere in sight. It can seem like we have to take matters in our own hands and get it done. But be encouraged not to take the position of God. Our position is not, and never will be, to fight the battle on our own.

Our position isn’t to fight the battle, but to have faith in the One Who fights all of our battles for us. Our position is faith! Our position is not fear. Our position is not depression or anxiety or to live without hope. Our God is always in His position to fight for us. His desire is that we be a light in the midst of it. Obey Him in the midst of it. Be an example of trust and praise in the midst of it.

If we look back over our lives, even when we didn’t realize it, our God has fought many battles for us and won them all. This will be no different. Let us maintain our stance of faith, and let God fight our battles.

We give God praise this morning. The battle is His! He will fight all our battles. We pray not to take God’s position, but to keep our position of humility and faith. May we be a light to the unbeliever and an example of how to trust in God in the midst of a battle. Amen!

                                                                                                                       Pastor Roosevelt Smith